Milwaukee County Sherriff’s Office Working to Reduce Speeding

July 13 , 2018 | Car Accidents

When people think of dangerous behaviors while driving, they may think of texting while driving or driving under the influence. One dangerous driving behavior that people may not think about is speeding or driving too fast for the road conditions. Speeding is dangerous and increases the likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, speeding is a problem in the state of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee County. To combat speeding, the Milwaukee County Sherriff’s Office is hoping to help combat speeding with new technology.

The Sheriff’s Office has begun to use special radar guns. These radar guns have video cameras and can not only register the speed of vehicles, but also records footage of the vehicle and the vehicle’s license plate. With this technology, officers can identify drivers that are speeding and transmit that information to the squads that are ahead, so they can be ready to pull over speeders. The new radar guns are used in saturation patrols, which occur two to three times a day every day of the week. The Sheriff’s Office hope that the saturation patrols along with the new technology will help to decrease speeding and other forms of reckless driving in Milwaukee County.

Speeding makes the roadways more dangerous for everyone. In 2016, over 10,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents where speed was a factor. Speed is a factor in approximately one third of all car accidents. Speeding has a lot of negative consequence. These consequences include greater potential for loss of control of the vehicle, reduced effectiveness of safety equipment, longer distance necessary to stop, and increased severity if a vehicle becomes involved in an accident.

With all of these negative consequences and dangers related with speeding, it should be avoided. Speeding is a problem not only in Milwaukee County, but throughout Wisconsin. By working together, we can reduce speeding and make the roadways safer for everyone.