Child Struck While Riding Bicycle

With summer around the corner and the warmer weather, there are bound to be more bicyclists out and about. Bicyclists are some of the most at risk people on the roadways. Because of this, both motorists and bicyclists alike need to be cautious and aware of the surroundings to help prevent accidents. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents occur. More often than not the bicyclist gets the worst of a collision between a car and a bicycle. A tragic bicycle accident occurred recently in Wisconsin involving a car and a child bicyclist.

On May 3, 2018 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a 4 year old girl was riding her bicycle when she was hit by  a car. Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene of the accident and transported the girl to the hospital. The accident happened around 2:00 pm. Tragically, after being transported to the hospital, the girl passed away from the injuries she sustained in the accident. The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident remained on the scene following the collision and is cooperating with law enforcement who are investigating the accident.

Because of the potential for terrible consequences when bicycle accidents occur, both drivers and bicyclists need to take precautions to help avoid these accidents. One important thing that drivers can do to help avoid these accidents is to ensure that they do not engage in distracted driving activities. Distracted driving can include, but is not limited to, cell phone usage such as talking, texting or using other apps and eating while driving. These activities are dangerous because they divert a driver’s attention from the roadway, giving them less of an opportunity to see what is going on around them and avoid accidents. Driver’s should also obey the speed limit to help ensure their safety. Bicyclists should ensure they obey all traffic laws and wear helmets to help avoid injuries in the event of an accident. By working together and engaging in safe driving practices, we can help to reduce bicycle accidents.


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