Wisconsin Named 2nd Drunkest State

Every year, the Centers for Disease control collect data on alcohol consumption within the United States. One part of the data they collect is on the percentage of adults who consume alcohol excessively and have found the national average to be 18 percent. While the national average fluctuates between states, Wisconsin has been found to have the second highest rate of excessive drinking at  24.5%. The rate of 24.5% ranks Wisconsin as the second drunkest state in the country, with only North Dakota having a higher percentage of excessive drinking. This high rate of drinking excessively can have both negative impacts on one’s health as well as safety on the roadways.

Being named the second drunkest state is cause for concern because of the potential health problems consuming excessively alcohol on regular basis for long periods of time can cause many serious health problems.  Some of these potential health problems include liver cancer and dementia. Even though Wisconsin has a high rate of excessively drinking, has relatively low rates of premature death and adults and adults in fair or poor health.

Besides the health risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption, alcohol consumption can also be dangerous if someone decides to drive after drinking. Wisconsin has the 8th highest rate of alcohol related driving deaths at 36.9% out of all the states. This number also does not account for injuries and auto accidents that are alcohol related. Drinking and driving is never safe. It impairs a drivers by slowing reaction time, decreasing coordination, reducing ability to concentrate, decrease vision and inhibits judgment. All of these things put some who has consumed alcohol at higher risk of being involved in accident that can cause serious injuries or even death.

Drinking and driving should always be avoided. Getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol is not worth the risk of becoming involved in an accident and causing injuries to yourself or others. We need to work to decrease drinking and driving in Wisconsin to make the roadways safer for everyone.

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