What Should You Do If You Have Been Injured by a Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. When someone makes the decision to get behind the wheel when they are impaired, they are not only putting their own safety at risk, but they are also putting the safety of others at risk. Driving while under the influence impairs abilities and makes it more likely that the impaired driver will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, even though the dangers of driving under the influence are known, people still do it and cause harm to themselves and others. What should you do if you are hit by a drunk driver?

The first thing you should do following an accident with a suspected drunk driver is to contact the authorities. By reporting it to the authorities, police officers will come to the scene of the accident as will paramedics if needed. Calling the police will also lead to a police report documenting the incident, which can be very important later on. The police will also perform tests to see if the driver was impaired, which could result in arrest. Once the police arrive, you should cooperate with them by answering their questions honestly and accurately and letting the officers do their job of investigating the accident.

If you are injured as a result of the accident, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if it seems like your injuries may not be serious, it is a good idea to seek medical treatment because a medical professional may notice things you do not. Also, after an accident your adrenaline may have the effect of numbing pain causing you not to realize the extent of your injuries. Seeking medical treatment is also important for the documentation of your injuries.

Another thing you should do following an accident with drunk driving suspected to have played a role is take pictures of the scene. It is a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, the accident scene and the surrounding area. If there were witnesses to the accident, you will want to get their names and contact information if possible. It is also important to exchange information with the other driver including insurance and contact information.

If you have suffered injuries from an auto accident where drunk driving played a role, it is a good idea to contact an experienced car accident attorney. An experienced car accident attorney can help to ensure you receive the best outcome to your case. Car accident attorneys are also experienced with these types of cases and know how to build the best case for you.

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