How Do You Prove Fault in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Every year thousands of people are injured when they slip and fall. These accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries ranging from sprains and breaks to back and neck problems. These injuries can occur on a person’s own property or on the property of person. If the injury occurs on someone else’s property it may be possible for them to be held liable for the injury. But how do you prove that the property owner is at fault?

One thing to consider after a slip and fall injury on someone else’s property is if the property owner could have prevented the accident. Sometimes the property owner has taken steps to ensure that people are not injured, such as placing a grate under an area where it is possible for leakage. By taking this action the owner of the property may not be liable for the accident. Also, visitors and guests to another person’s property are also expected to avoid accidents, which a reasonable person could have avoided. Visitors and guests also have the responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and try to avoid dangerous situations.

When you have a slip and fall, which results in injuries, there will be some things that will need to be shown to prove the owner of the property is at fault.

  • The owner of the property or the employees should have known about the dangerous condition and a “reasonable” person should have known about it and fixed it.
  • The owner of the property or the employees knew about a dangerous condition but failed to take action to remedy it.
  • The property owner or the employees caused the dangerous condition.

Because it can be difficult to prove these things and know how to proceed after a slip and fall accident, it is a good idea to consult an experienced attorney who has worked on slip and fall cases. An experienced attorney, such as the ones as Martin Law Office, can help to advise you if it is possible for the owner to be held liable and how to proceed. Consulting an attorney can help you to get a better outcome for your case.

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