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Falls in Nursing Homes

Falls, especially in the elderly and ill, can be quite scary and have severe consequences. Because falls are rather common in the elderly, nursing home staff members need to be vigilant in ensuring that the residents of the nursing home do not fall. Those who are residents in nursing homes are on average older and in poorer health than other elderly people, which can make it even more likely that they will suffer a fall. Even with the potential for increased likelihood of falling, a well-run and safe nursing home should be able to prevent many of these accidents.

To help prevent these falls there are several things that nursing homes and their staffs should strive to do:

  • Nursing home staff must be attentive to their residents at all times, especially those who have disabilities or cognitive impairments.
  • Staff should ensure that all residents have proper footwear and walking aids.
  • Nursing homes must eliminate environmental hazards such as poor lighting, slippery floors, broken equipment and other things, which may cause issues for residents.
  • Nursing homes need to ensure that the residents’ beds have the correct height and working bed rails.
  • All residents should have a risk assessment completed upon their entrance into the nursing home. This assessment should include this such as past falls. medications and general health information.
  • All members of the nursing home staff should be educated on fall prevention and strategies to prevent falls.
  • Exercise programs should be an option to residents. While these may not help to prevent falls, they can help to improve strength and balance.

Because of the seriousness of falls, it is imperative that nursing home workers do everything in their power to prevent them. Falls can result in fractures and other serious medical issues. They can also cause a loss of confidence in the nursing home resident and fear of falling again. Because these incidents can have both serious physical and mental effects on the resident, they need to be prevented.

If your loved one has fallen and suffered injuries while living in a nursing home, you should consider consulting an experienced nursing home attorney. An experienced attorney can help to ensure that your loved one is being treated properly and receive the justice they deserve. The attorneys at Martin Law Office have experience handling these cases and working for justice for those who suffer from nursing abuse or neglect.


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