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Indoor Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling can cause serious injuries, which can be scary and costly. Sometimes people slip and fall through no fault of their own because of someone else not taking the proper precautions or fixing a problem. If you are on property owned or operated by someone else in which they have failed to take appropriate precautions or correct a problem on that property, and you slip and fall and are injured, the owner of the property will usually be held legally responsible for the injuries you sustain. Below are some examples of indoor slip and fall accidents.

One reason that you may slip and fall on someone else’s property may be because of wet or damp floors. While it is the right of a property owner to clean or wax their floors, it is possible for them to held liable if their action causes an injury. Some examples of instances in which the property owner could be held liable for a slip and fall on a wet floor include: when they fail to provide warning that the floor is wet or damp,¬† when they fail to block off wet areas, when they use an excessive amount of wax or polish, or when they apply wax or polish to an uneven surface. Poor care of carpeting or rugs can also lead to slip and falls where the owner may be help liable. Some examples of this include: torn or broken areas of carpet that could cause people to trip and if a rug has curled edges or some other aspect making it likely for people to get their foot caught or trip.

If a property owner does not take proper care of their stairs, they may be held liable for injuries which occur on them. If the stairs have a known dangerous condition or the dangerous condition on the stairs lasted for a long enough time that the owner should have known about it, then it is possible the owner will be liable for injuries sustained on the stairs. Some examples of when the owner may be held liable include: if a step is worn or rounded, if there are items that should not be on the stairs, such as garbage, if the stairs have been waxed and their is no warning provided and if the stairs are missing a railing.

Indoor slip and fall accidents can also occur on elevators and escalators. Some instances where an owner may be held liable for injuries sustained on an elevator or escalator include: when the elevator or escalator makes a sudden unexpected movement or when an article of clothing, shoe or appendage  becomes stuck in the machine. Owners need to ensure that their elevators and escalators are maintained and operating properly.

If you suffer an injury because of a slip and fall on someone else’s property, you should consult with a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you with advice, receiving compensation for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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