Dehydration in Nursing Homes

Dehydration is a serious issue and one that is common in nursing homes.  The seriousness of dehydration cannot be understated because it can lead to other health problems as it disrupts normal bodily functions. It is necessary for water in the body to be replenished constantly to ensure that the body is working at full capacity. When the cells of someone’s body are releasing more fluid than the body is taking in it leads to the person becoming dehydrated.  The elderly are especially susceptible to dehydration and nursing homes need to pay special attention to ensure that all of their residents are properly hydrated.

There are a plethora of things that can cause dehydration in elderly people or those in nursing home facilities. One reason why the elderly may become dehydrated is because they have difficulty swallowing. This difficulty makes it very difficult for the person to consume the fluids they need to stay properly dehydrated. Another reason that someone in a nursing home could become dehydrated is that they are unable to let nursing home care providers know of their need for fluids either because of inability to comprehend the resident or a language barrier.

Because dehydration can lead to many severe medical issues including fatalities, it is imperative that nursing home workers be aware of this and work to prevent dehydration. Nursing homes need to take the steps to ensure that every resident is having their fluid intake needs fulfilled. Staff members need to be accurately informed and trained on the fluid intake needs of their residents. Most people experience vastly similar signs of dehydration, and the nursing home staffers need to be aware of what these symptoms are. Some symptoms of dehydration include nagging thirst, pale skin, sporadic urination, dry mouth and canker sores. Signs of more severe dehydration include low blood pressure, disorientation, irritability and accelerated breathing.

If you suspect that your loved one in a nursing home is experiencing problems with dehydration, you should call an attorney. An experienced attorney, such as those at Martin Law Office, can help to advise you on what can be done to help your loved one. Our elders deserve the utmost respect and proper care, and if you suspect that your loved one might not be receiving that care and respect they deserve, calling an attorney can help.

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