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Speeding in Milwaukee County

There are many dangerous activities that drivers can engage in while driving. These activities range from texting while driving to eating while driving. These activities are dangerous because they take the driver’s attention away from the roadway, thus making it more difficult for the driver to avoid an accident. One activity that increases the dangers of driving is speeding. Recently, there has been a high volume of speeding in Milwaukee County.

Milwaukee County is aware of the speeding problem and has been trying to curb it. One way in which they are trying to reduce speeding is through the use of saturation patrols. These saturation patrols have been active on the Milwaukee County freeway system in an attempt to reduce the amount of speeding. Within a week of using these patrols, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s have issued 228 speeding citations.

Here is a breakdown of the citations issued:

  • 31 citations for going 11-15 mph over the speed limit
  • 84 citations for going 16-19 mph over the speed limit
  • 74 citations for going 20-24 mph over the speed limit
  • 28 citations for going 25-29 mph over the speed limit
  • 9 citations for going 30-34 mph over the speed limit
  • 2 citations for going 40-44 mph over the speed limit
  • 28 citations for traveling at unreasonable-imprudent speed

The Sheriff’s Office issued a press release about the saturation patrols. They stated the patrols are not to generate revenue, but to increase public safety by deterring speeding. The Sheriff’s  Office also stated that if a driver were to travel 10 mph over the speed limit for 10 miles they would only save 1 minutes and 42 seconds off of their commute.

Speeding is inherently dangerous and should be avoided. Traveling over the speed limit or too fast for weather conditions can have many negative consequences. Traveling too fast causes the need more distance to stop and also makes it more difficult to adjust to curves in the roadways. By traveling the speed limit we can make the roadways safer for everyone.

How can we reduce speeding?

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