Huge Increase in Pedestrian Accidents in Milwaukee

Pedestrians are a common fixture near the roadways, especially when the weather is warmer. Because pedestrians oftentimes have to walk near the roadways or across them to get to their destinations, drivers need to be vigilant to help ensure the pedestrians safety. If a motor vehicle crashes into a pedestrian, it frequently causes the pedestrian to sustain severe injuries or even death. This year, Milwaukee County has seen a frightening uptick in pedestrian accidents.

This year there have been 17 accidents that have resulted in a fatality for a pedestrian. Compared to last year, this is an 143% increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities caused by collisions with motor vehicles. To raise awareness for pedestrian safety, the Wisconsin Bike Fed is declaring October to be “Walktober.” For this event, memorials will be erected at each crosswalk where each of the pedestrian fatalities occurred.

Not only is the Wisconsin Bike Fed trying to promote pedestrian safety, but the city is also working to make the roadways safer for pedestrians. A recent Milwaukee Public Safety meeting centered around the issue of the pedestrian accidents. Aldermen and Milwaukee residents alike are urging for a decrease in reckless driving. People have even been taking to the streets to protest the reckless driving.

People are working to determine which action would be best to deter reckless driving in Milwaukee. Some options that have been presented are increasing traffic patrols and installing red light cameras. No final decision has been made as to how to combat this reckless driving epidemic.

While at the city level no final decision has been made to help reduce reckless driving, we as individuals can combat it. We can combat it by ensuring that we drive the speed limit and avoid distracted driving activities. We can also work to stop pedestrian accidents by always paying close attention to both marked and unmarked crosswalks. By making sure that our full attention is on the roadways safer for pedestrians and motorists.

How do you think we can reduce pedestrian accidents?

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