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Children’s Toy Recalled Because of Choking Hazard

There are a wide variety of toys for babies and children on the market. The designs of the toys vary greatly from toy cars and trucks to toys that dance and make noise. Many babies and young children enjoy the toys which dance and make noise. Recently, a toy for infants that moves and makes noise was recalled.

The toy that has been recalled is the Wiggle Ball. This toy was sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us across the country. The Wiggle Balls were sold from June 2016 until January 2017. Their retail price was around $13. The recall comes after six complaints of a part breaking off of the toy and becoming a potential choking hazard.

The Wiggle Ball is a blue ball with orange, yellow and green rubber knobs all over the surface. The Wiggle Ball also has textured bumps on the surface to make it easier for the children to pick it up. The ball moves by wiggling and vibrating and also plays three songs. The ball requires three AA batteries to operate.

The company has received six reports of the colorful knobs breaking off of the ball. In four of these reports, the rubber knobs were found in the children’s mouths. Because of the size of the knobs and the potential for children to place them in their mouths, the balls place a serious choking hazard.

The recalled toys have the words “model number 5F6342E” as well as “Toys “R” Us” printed on them. More information on the recall can be obtained by calling Toys “R” US or visiting their website.

What do you think about this recall?

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