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Car Crosses Over Center Line and Crashes into Bus

Drivers always need to be vigilant when operating a motor vehicle. This vigilance can help to prevent auto accidents of all kinds. Vigilance includes paying close attention to the roadways, avoiding distracted driving practices and driving at an appropriate speed.

An incident recently occurred in Hartford, Connecticut in which a car crashed into a city bus. The car and the bus were driving opposite ways down a populated street, when the car crossed over the center line. When the car crossed over the center line, the car collided with the bus that was traveling in the opposite direction.

The force of the collision caused the bus to swerve to the right. When the bus swerved, it neared a group of children that were walking on the sidewalk. Luckily, the bus driver was able to regain control of the bus and avoid colliding with any children. As for the car, the force of the collision caused the car to spiral out of control. The car spun around before coming to a rest in the street. The car crash also caused three people to sustain injuries.

Law enforcement officials were called to the scene of the car crash, and the investigation remains ongoing. Law enforcement officials believe that distracted driving on the part of the driver of the car may have played a role in the car crash.

This accident could have been much worse. Thankfully, the bus driver was able to avoid hitting any children and the only injuries suffered were minor. This accident shows the importance of careful and vigilant driving. Engaging in distracted driving puts not only you at risk, but countless others at risk at well.

How can we make the roadways safer and eliminated distracted driving?

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