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Bus Driver Saves Students from Bus Fire

Thousands of children and teenagers ride school buses to school and back every day. Most school bus rides are calm and without incident. This was not the case a couple of weeks ago on a school bus in Kansas City, Missouri.

A school bus was doing its normal route, when something completely unexpected and frightening happened. The bus driver began to sense that something was wrong with the school bus, when suddenly, the front end of the bus became engulfed in flames. The bus driver knew that he had to act quickly to protect the children and himself from the fire.

Because of the danger of the situation, the bus driver had to act on his feet and think quickly. First, the driver radioed the home base of the bus company to inform them of the smoke coming from the engine. The children inside the bus were extremely scared and screaming. The bus driver sprang into action and informed the children that they would need to evacuate the bus.

When given the instruction to evacuate, the children ran towards the middle of the bus. At that point, the bus driver instructed one student to open the emergency exit door located on the back of the bus. The children began to exit through the emergency exit, and the bus driver checked every seat to ensure all the children were off the bus. The bus driver also grabbed numerous backpacks on the way out to save them from being destroyed by the fire.

Thanks to the bus drivers actions, everyone on the bus made it out safely. The bus driver says that he is just glad that he was able to ensure that everyone was out of the bus.

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