Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle in Milwaukee

Pedestrians are a common fixture near the roadways in Wisconsin. Unfortunately because pedestrians are near the roadways, sometimes collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians occur. When these collisions occur, the pedestrian gets the worst of it. Auto accidents that involve a pedestrian are very serious and oftentimes cause severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities to the pedestrian that is involved.

On Friday, September 22nd, a fatal pedestrian accident occurred in Milwaukee. The accident occurred in the early morning hours. The fatal accident took place near 28th Street and Lisbon street.

Law enforcement officials believe that the pedestrian was in the roadway when a motor vehicle collided with her. After the collision, instead of staying at the scene, the driver fled. Tragically, the pedestrian suffered extremely severe injuries from the collision and passed away as a result of the injuries sustained from the collision.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the accident. As of now, the motor vehicle that was involved in the accident has not been located and law enforcement is actively searching for it.

Drivers of automobiles always need to be paying full attention to the roadway. By ensuring that their full attention is on the roadway and they are not engaging in distracted driving or other dangerous activities such as speeding or driving under the influence, we can make the roadways safer and reduce the amount of these tragic accidents.

Whenever involved in auto accident of any kind, the driver should never leave the scene. When there is damage or an type of injury following an accident, the driver is legally obligated to stay at the scene and contact law enforcement authorities.

How can we reduce pedestrian accidents?

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