Raccoon Jumps onto Windshield

Sometimes very unexpected things occur on the roadways. Because of the potential for unexpected things to occur on the roadways, it is imperative that drivers put their utmost attention to the roadway and what is going on around them. Drivers can help to ensure that they are paying close attention to the roadways by not engaging in distracted driving activities such as using their phone while driving or eating while driving. Ensuring that a driver’s focus is entirely on driving and not other things can help to prevent auto accidents, especially when something out of the ordinary happens.

Recently, something unexpected happened to a law enforcement official in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The police officer had received a call to respond to an auto accident. As the officer was making his way to the scene of the car accident, a surprise visitor joined him.

All of the sudden, a raccoon jumped onto the windshield of the patrol car. The officer does not know where the raccoon came from. The raccoon stayed on the windshield while the officer drove until the officer was able to find a safe place to pull his patrol car over. When the officer pulled the car over, the raccoon jumped off the vehicle and walked away.

Neither the police officer or the raccoon were injured. By pulling over when he found a safe spot to remove the raccoon on his vehicle, the officer helped to ensure that an auto accident did not occur because of his unexpected passenger.

This story demonstrates the importance of paying close attention to the road and pulling over when there is a safe place to do so. Thanks to the officer’s quick thinking, everyone was safe following the visit from the raccoon.

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