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Fiat Chrysler Recall

The auto manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler, has recently issued a recall for almost 500,000 of its vehicles. The recall comes after the discovery that the vehicles have the potential to catch fire.

The company announced the recall on Tuesday, September 19th after the potential fire hazard was discovered. The vehicles that are included in the recall may have a water-pump bearing that has the potential to overheat. If this water-pump bearing overheats, it could cause a fire in the engine compartment of the vehicle. If the water-pump malfunctions, a warning light in the interior of the vehicle may be activated. If the warning light goes off, vehicle owners should let the dealership know.

Here is a list of the vehicles included in the recall:

  • Ram 2500 Pickup Truck with 6.7-liter engines from model years 2013-2017
  • Ram 3500 Pickup Truck with 6.7-liter engines from model years 2013-2017
  • 3500 Chassis Cab with 6.7 liter engines
  • 4500 Chassis Cab with 6.7 liter engines
  • 5500 Chassis Cab with 6.7 liter engines

The company has stated that the water-pumps at the center of the recall are no longer being used in their vehicles. The vehicles listed are the only vehicles that are being affected by the recall at this time.

Fiat Chrysler says that they have not received any reports of injuries or accidents pertaining to the water-pumps.

What do you think of this recall?

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