Auto Accident in Dodge County

Driving can be dangerous. Driving is especially hazardous if the driver is engaging in distracted driving activities, speeding or not putting their full attention to the roadway and their surroundings. Because of the potential for an auto accident, drivers should be extra cautious when driving, avoid distracted driving activities and always travel at a speed safe for conditions that is in accordance with the posted speed limit.

A car accident occurred recently in Dodge County, Wisconsin. The auto accident occurred on Sunday, September 17th around 11:00 am. The accident occurred on Highway 60.

The accident occurred when an automobile that was driving east on Highway 60 on the side of the road that was meant for traffic traveling west. The second vehicle, which was traveling west in the lanes intended for traffic driving westbound was traveling on Highway 60 at the same time as the other vehicle. The vehicles ended up crashing into one another.

Tragically, the driver of the second vehicle was killed from the injuries sustained in the auto accident and the passenger from the second vehicle sustained very serious injuries and was transported to the hospital by the Flight for Life helicopter. The driver of the first vehicle sustained injuries as well and was transported to the local hospital.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the accident.

What can we do to make the roadways safer for everyone?

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