Kangaroo on Roadway in Wisconsin

Driving is an activity the requires drivers to pay close attention to the roadways and what is going on around them. Drivers should eliminate distractions while driving such as using their cellphones or eating while driving to ensure that driving and the roadway are getting their full attention. Paying close attention to the roadways is important because it can help to prevent auto accidents, especially when something out of the ordinary appears on the roadway.

Recently in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there was an unexpected sighting on the roadway. On Thursday, September 14, Kenosha Law Enforcement Officials responded to the area around Highway L and 72nd Avenue. Law enforcement officials were called after a sighting of a possible kangaroo near the roadway.

When the law enforcement officials arrived on the scene, there was in fact a kangaroo near the roadway. Law enforcment officials ascertained that the kangaroo, named Joey, escaped from the nearby Jerry Smith’s Farm. The kangaroo was captured without incident, and returned safely to his home.

Thankfully, both people and the kangaroo were unharmed in this incident. No auto accidents were caused by the kangaroo near the roadway.

How can we make the roadways safer?

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