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General Motors Recall

A popular automobile manufacturer has issued a recall for almost 700,000 of their vehicles. The recall comes after the discovery that the vehicles may have a potential steering problem.

Both Chevy and GMC trucks are affected by the recall. The vehicles have a steering assist software installed. According the NHTSA, the steering assist software may spontaneously lose its electric power for the software for a period of about one second.

Because the loss of power can happen so suddenly and then is returned quickly, it can cause the driver to have trouble controlling the steering wheel temporarily. Because drivers may lose control of their steering wheel, there is increased likelihood of an automobile accident.

There are about 700,000 vehicles that are affected by the recall. The types of vehicles affected by the recall are:

  • 2014 Chevrolet Silverados
  • GMC Sierra Trucks

If you believe that your vehicle may be included in the recall, you can check the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s website. If you own one of the recalled trucks, you should take the vehicle to a dealer where they will install a software update to fix the problem at no cost.

What do you think about this recall?

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