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Car Accident on I-94 Contributes to Two Other Crashes

During the summer, many of the roadways in Wisconsin are crowded with traffic, especially on the weekends. This large volume of traffic is partially caused by many people traveling up north and other Wisconsin destinations for the weekend. Because of the heavy traffic drivers should take extra caution while traveling the roadways.

Near Lake Mills, Wisconsin on I-94, three separate car accidents occurred. These accidents involved 10 different motor vehicles and 13 occupants of those vehicles were injured as a result of the accidents.

The first accident occurred around 8:30 am. The accident occurred when the driver of a vehicle who was traveling west began to drift toward the median shoulder of the roadway. In an attempt to correct the drifting, the driver overcorrected and ended up colliding with the guard rail. The driver of the vehicle in that collision was not injured.

The second crash occurred shortly after. This crash involved four motor vehicles. Six people suatined injuries from the accident. The crash caused the westbound lanes of I-94 to be completely blocked.

The third crash occurred soon after the second crash. This crash occurred as a result of the backups from the first two crashes. This accident involved four motor vehicles, and seven people sustained injuries in the accident.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the car accidents.

How can we make the roadways safer?

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