Wisconsin Department of Transportation Release Traffic Report for June

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, also known as WisDOT, recently released a report on motor vehicle accidents in Wisconsin during the month of June. According to the report, 59 people passed away from accidents on Wisconsin roadways in the month of June.

In June of 2016, 56 people passed away from motor vehicle accidents. According to WisDot, the average number of people who pass away from accidents on Wisconsin roadways during June is 54. The safest month on Wisconsin roadways in June occurred recently in 2015. In 2015, there were 44 traffic fatalities during June.

From January 2017 to June 2017, WisDot officials reported that there were 271 traffic fatalities on Wisconsin roadways. This is one less traffic related fatality than occurred during the same time period last year.

By taking steps to ensure that we drive as safely as possible, hopefully we can reduce the number of traffic related fatalities down to zero. Some things that we all can do to make the roadways safer for everyone are to avoid distracted driving practices, do not drive under the influence, travel at the speed limit and do not drive while drowsy. By ensuring that we put our full attention to the roadway, we can help reduce accidents and keep the roadways safer.

How can we reduce traffic fatalities?

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