Wisconsin Department of Transportation Free Roadway Assistance

At some point in their lives, many drivers encounter a problem with their vehicle while they are on the roadway. Some of these common problems include getting a flat tire and running out of gas. To help drivers that encounter these kind of problems on the roadways, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has teamed up with State Farm to form a safety patrol.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Freeway Service Team is there to help when a driver encounters one of these issues. The Safety Patrol team is out looking for vehicles that encounter an issue on the roadway and is ready to provide free assisstance to drivers in need.

The Safety Patrol helps drivers that encounter flat tires, running out of gas and other issues on the roadway. The team does their best to get vehicles back on the roadway right away, but if the team is unable to do so they move the vehicle to a safe location.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has been providing this service for about 20 years. Last year, the Safety Patrol spent 27,000 hours on Wisconsin roadways searching for vehicles to assist and helped drivers with almost 13,000 incidents.

The Patrol will be targeting heavily traveled roadways as well as construction zones this summer. Their goal is help reduce freeway congestion and keep everyone safe. They hope to help prevent bigger accidents and incidents by taking care of the smaller incidents on the roadways.

These patrols will be in Milwaukee, Dane County, Rock County, the Madison Area, Green Bay, Manitowac and Appleton. Each location has varying hours of service when the safety patrols will be out providing free assistance.

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