Driver Escapes Ticket After Leaving Note on Car

Drunk driving is a very dangerous action to take. When you drive after you have been drinking, you are much more likely to be involved in a car accident, which could cause injury to not only yourself, but also other people.

Recently, a driver in Wausau, Wisconsin went out for and ended up drinking some alcoholic bevarages. The driver decided that they should not drive themself home after drinking, so they decided to walk home instead. When the driver decided to walk home, they had to leave their car in a metered lot overnight.

The driver, knowing that they would likely be issued a parking ticket for the parking violation, left a note on the windsheild of their vehicle. The note read “Please take pity on me. I walked home…safe choices.”

A Wausau police officer found the note on the vehicle, and instead of issuing a praking ticket for the violation gave the driver a warning. The warning read “Pity granted. Just a warning.”

The driver made the safe choice of walking home, rather than deciding to drive. This choice likely kept the driver of the vehicle and others safe.

Leaving a note on your vehicle does not ensure that you will not receive a parking ticket for a parking violation. If you are planning on going out and consuming alcohol it is always important to have a plan on how you will get home afterwards. Some good ways to get home safely after a night of driving include having a designated driver, who will not drink, taking an Uber or Lyft, taking a taxi or using public transportation if it is available. By not drinking and driving, you can keep yourself and others safe.

How can we stop drunk driving?

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