Collision with Deer Leads to Fire

There is a lot of wildlife in Wisconsin, and many roadways in Wisconsin are located by places that are home to the wildlife. Because the roadways are close to places where many animals live, it is not uncommon for those animals to venture out on the roadways from time to time. An animal that is frequently seen on or by the roadways in Wisconsin, is the deer. Because deer tend to run out into the roadway, sometimes vehicles hit them.

On May 14th, in the morning a vehicle struck a deer in Grafton, Wisconsin. The vehicle was driving on I-43 when the accident occurred. The vehicle struck the deer hard, and the hit to the vehicle caused severe damage to the vehicle.

The damage to the vehicle occurred around the engine of the car. The damage near the engine was so acute that it caused an engine compartment of the car to start on fire after the collision. Law enforcement authorities and firefigthers arrived to the scene of the crash, and were able to put out the fire that resulted from the accident. Thankfully, none of the occupants of the vehicle suffered any injuries as a result of the accident or fire.

Because of the abundance of wildlife and animals in Wisconsin, it is always very important to pay careful attention when driving. With the potential for animals to run out into the roadway while you are driving by paying attention you will be more likely to avoid a collision with the animal. Drivers should always focus their full attention on driving safely and acoid engaging in distracted driving activities.

How can we make the roadways safer?

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