Why Is Chrysler Recalling Ram Trucks?

The automobile maker, Fiat Chrysler, has issued a recall for a popular vehicle that the company sells. The vehicles being affected by this recall are Ram Trucks. The recall affects almost 1.3 million of the Ram Trucks on the roadways today.

The reason for the recall is a problem with the software installed in the vehicles. The Ram Trucks have sensors underneath the truck that are activated when the vehicle is involved in an accident. These sensors give the signal for the airbags to deploy and the seatbelts to tighten in the case of an accident.

The company says that the safety software in the trucks may not be functioning correctly, and when a vehicle is involved in an accident the safety system may conclude that the sensors were giving a false signal. Because the system believes it is a false signal, the airbags will not deploy and the seatbelts may not tighten. The system may have played a role in some injuries sustained in accidents involving the trucks.

If your vehicle is experiencing this problem, the vehicle should alert you by displaying an instrument cluster warning light. If you see this light, you should turn your vehicle off and turn it back on and insure that the light is not activated. The company is sending out recall notes with greater details on what actions to take if you see the instrument cluster warning light.

The affected vehicles include:

  • 2013-2016 Ram 1500
  • 2013-2016 Ram 2500
  • 2014-2016 Ram 3500

What do you think about this recall?

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