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Toyota Recall

The automobile company, Toyota, has issued a recall for one of it’s popular models of vehicles. Toyota is issuing a recall for more than 225,000 of its Tacoma trucks. The recall comes after the discovery of a problem that has the potential to cause drivers to lose control of the truck while they are driving.

The loss of control of the trucks is due to a problem with the rear differntial of the trucks, which connects the rear wheels of the truck. The rear differential has the potential to leak oil. If the rear differntial continues to leak it can cause damage. The damage can cause noise and reduce propulsion. The damage may also cause the rear differential to seize which leads to loss of control of the truck. If a driver losing control, there is a higher likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident.

The recall affects some Toyota Tacomas that have the model years of 2016 and 2017. To determine if yoour Toyota Tacoma truck is included in the recall, you should go to the company’s website. The company will also be sending out notices via the mail to owners of trucks that are included in the recall.

If you own one of the trucks that are affected by the recall, you should bring it to a Toyota dealership where it will be inspected. If during the inspection a problem with the rear differential is discovered, the dealership will fix it without cost to the owner.

What do you think about this recall?

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