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Police Officer Saves Boy From Choking During Festival

With summer beginning, many festivals take place in Wisconsin. There are festivals for music, food and many other things. Memorial Day weekend had many festivals going on around Wisconsin. One of these festivals was the Dan Jansen Family Fest located in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

A young boy was attending the festival with his family. The boy and his family were eating, when the young boy began to choke on the meatball he had been consuming.

Luckily, a police officer from the Greenfield Police Department has been patrolling the area where the young boy began to choke and sprang into action. The police officer began to monitor the young boy, who had stopped breathing. The officer thought quick on his feet and gave the young boy a back blow. The action taken by the officer was sucessful and the food was dislodged from the boy’s throat.

The young boy has recovered from the traumatic event, and the day after the incident the boy and his family went to the police department to thank the officer. At the police department the boy and his family were able to spend some time with the officers including the police sergeant.

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