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Child Falls Out of Bus

A scary story coming out of Harrison, Arkansas this week involving a child. The frightening incident occurred when the child fell out of a bus that was driving down the roadway.

A bus was traveling down a busy roadway in Harrison, Arkansas when the back door of the bus came open. After the door came open, a 4 year old girl fell out of the bus and onto the roadway.

Luckily, a firefighter who is also trained as an emergency medical technican was driving behind the bus when the incident occurred. The firefighter immediately pulled over his vehicle and ran to help the child.

When the firefighter reached the child, she was unconscious. Because the child was in the middle of a heavily traveled roadway, the firefighter moved the girl and held her while he waited for law enforcement officials and an ambulance to arrive to the scene of the incident.

The girl regained her consciouness while waiting for the emergency medical services to arrive and asked for her mother. Emergency medical services arrived on the scene and transported the girl to the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries she sustained in the fall. The child suffered a broken jaw that will require surgery.

Officials are investigatong the incident. It has not yet been determined how the door to the bus came open.

How can we make buses safer?

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