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Staff Shortage at Assisted Living Facility

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are very expensive. When you are paying a lot of money to have someone taken care of, you expect that they will be taken care of correctly and all of their needs will be met. An assisted living facility, Prairie Ridge, located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin is facing allegations of poor care for their residents and staff shortages.

The Prairie Ridge Assisted Living Facility has been cited several times for violations of the care of residents at the facility. The violations that have been reported out of the facility include medication errors, malfunctioning call buttons, and even a resident in a wheelchair who was left unsupervised and rolled into a ditch.

The state also reports that residents at the facility were yelled and laughed at and even residents have been left in the bathroom for hours. There was also a report of a worker falling asleep during their shift. Contributing factors to these huge mistakes in care is that the facility is understaffed and many of the workers have not received much training.

On a night in March, law enforcement officials were called to Prairie Ridge because of the staff shortage. One worker says that she was the only one to come to work for the night shift the night law enforcement officials were called. Prairie Ridge denies these allegations.

Our elderly deserve to be treated with dignity and respect when they are being cared for at nursing homes. If you believe that your loved one may be being mistreated at a nursing home, there are options to remedy the situation.

How can we stop nursing home abuse and neglect?

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