Motorcyclist Killed in Motor Vehicle Accident

April 12 , 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the weather in Wisconsin gets warmer, more motorcyclists emerge onto the roadways. Both drivers of cars and trucks as well as motorcyclists should take extra caution when driving to help prevent accidents.

On Sunday, April 9th in Kenosha County, there was a fatal accident involving a motorcycle. The accident occurred around 4:30 pm on County Highway P. Before the accident occurred, the motorcyclist was driving northbound on a patch of the highway that is curvy. While driving, the motorcycle left the roadway and flipped over several times, and the motorcyclist flew from the motorcycle.

Law enforcement and ambulance personnel were called to the scene of the accident. After arriving to the scene of the accident, officials tried to issue medical care to the motorcyclist. Sadly, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The motorcylist was the only one riding the motorcycle at the time of the accident. Law enforcement officials performed an investigation at the scene of the accident, but have not yet completed the investigation. Law enforcement officials would like anyone with information about the accident to contact them.

It is crucial to always be very careful and use caution when driving. It is also very important to adhere to the speed limit when driving. By being cautious and obeying the speed limit, we can help to prevent accidents.

Do you have any suggestions for ways we can help to reduce the amount of car accidents?