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Bigfoot Contributes to Car Crash?

There are many things that can contribute to a car accident. Some examples of things that can make being involved in a car crash more likely are distracted driving, speeding and inattentive driving. A woman from Idaho says that a very unique thing contributed to her car accident.

A woman from Idaho was driving along the highway when she believes that she saw something extremely surprising on the side of the road. The woman says that she looked into her rearview mirror and she saw Bigfoot chasing after a deer on the side of the road.

The woman was very surpirsed by the possible Bigfoot sighting, and she looked into her mirrors again to try to catch another glance at the urban legend. When she looked into the mirrors to try to ascertain if see could see Bigfoot another time, she said that a deer ran in front of her vehicle.

The woman struck the deer with her vehicle, and police were called to the scene of the collision. Law enforcement officials investigated the accident and found it to be a vehicle and deer collision. The police officers did not find any evidence of Bigfoot?

In the event that something surprising, such as seeing Bigfoot on the side of the road, occurs it is important to remain focused on the road. Pulling over in a safe location until you calm down can be helpful in preventing an accident.

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