What should I do and not do after a motor vehicle accident?

Being involved in an injury-causing car accident can be frightening as well as frustrating if the wreck was due to another motorist’s negligent behavior, such as driving too fast for traffic conditions. Amid the emotions you feel following a motor vehicle accident in Wisconsin, it can be easy to overlook some critical steps you should take to protect your best interests from a legal standpoint.

Following a few do’s and don’ts can be helpful in the event you decide to pursue a personal injury claim against the allegedly at-fault driver down the road.

What to do following a motor vehicle accident

The most important step following an automobile collision is to seek medical help, followed by contacting the police to file a police report about the accident. It is critical that you cooperate with emergency personnel and the police officers who arrive at the crash scene.

Getting the personal information of the drivers involved in the collision is also critical. This information includes insurance information, telephone numbers, names, addresses and license plate numbers. The names, addresses and contact information of any potential witnesses to the crash may also be beneficial to gather.

Another important step to complete following a wreck is to take pictures of the crash scene as quickly as you can, in addition to capturing photos of any injuries you suffered and any property damage sustained. Keeping track of any work you had to miss as a result of your injuries is also important. All medical treatments and how you are feeling due to your injuries need to be recorded as well.

What not to do after a motor vehicle accident

Following a wreck, it is important to avoid moving your car or leaving the scene before police give you permission to do so. Another harmful mistake to make after a crash is to discard possible evidence in your collision case, such as parts that came off your car during the accident or blood-stained clothes.

It is also paramount that you not enter discussions about who caused the motor vehicle accident and that you also do not make apologies for anything, as this may be treated as evidence that you were the at-fault driver. Instead, it is beneficial to contact an attorney in Wisconsin right away, as he or she will investigate your collision and establish a persuasive case, thus increasing your chance of receiving full compensation for your injuries.

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