Man Hit by SUV While Walking Home

The roadways can be a dangerous place. Not only are the roadways sometimes dangerous for those driving and riding in vehicles, they can be dangerous for pedestrians as well. A recent incident that occurred in Oak Creek demonstrates the potential danger of roadways for pedestrians.

On March 15th, an Oak Creek, Wisconsin resident was walking home from work when he was struck by a SUV. The man was walking near Forest Home Avenue and Verdev Drive when he was hit by the SUV.

The man’s friend had dropped him off near his home after work. He began walking to his home, which was around a block away. The man said that he had a bad feeling before he was hit, and he felt like he should move to the other side of the road.

As he was walking, a SUV that was dark green drove past and struck him with the passenger side mirror. It took the man a second to realize that he had been struck by the vehicle. The man saw the mirror of the vehicle break after it hit him.

The SUV did not stop after it hit the man and continued to drive away. The man called authorities, and he was transported to the hospital for injuries sustained in the accident. It was discovered that the man had a fracture in his elbow.

The driver of the vehicle who hit the man has not come forward.

It is of the utmost importance to pay attention to your surroundings while both driving and walking. Drivers should always avoid in participating in distracted driving activities. If involved in an accident, it is very important to stop to ensure the safety of the parties involved and to allow the authorities to assist.

How can we stop hit and run drivers?

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