Driver Hits Unmarked Police Vehicle

An accident occurred on February 25th in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin involving a pickup truck and an unmarked police car. The accident occurred around 1 in the morning.

The police officer was driving in the city of Mount Pleasant, when the officer came across a traffic light that had was flashing yellow for vehicles traveling east and west and flashing red for vehicles traveling north and south. The officer had a flashing yellow light and was driving through the intersection when he was struck by a pickup truck that had had a flashing red light.

After the collision, it was discovered that the driver of the pickup was driving under the influence. The police officer arrested the driver of the pickup truck for operating while intoxicated.

Thankfully, both the officer and the driver of the pickup truck were not injured in the accident.

Drinking and driving is an extremely dangerous activity and should always be avoided. When you drink and drive your reaction time is slowed down, your concentration is reduced and your ability to detect positions of objects is impaired among other things. All of these things contribute to a greater likelihood of being involved in a car accident, which could lead to injuries and even death. Drinking and driving is not worth putting your life or someone else’s life at risk.

How can we stop drunk driving?

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