Wisconsin Police Attempt to Curb Aggressive Driving

There are many activities that if they are engaged in while driving can lead to a dangerous situation, which could lead to injuries and accidents. From speeding to distracted driving, these activities can greatly increase the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

In an attempt to keep Wisconsin roadways safer for everyone, Wisconsin law enforcement officials are working towards eliminating aggressive driving. Aggressive driving includes speeding, making unsafe lane changes and tailgating among other things.

To help reduce instances of aggressive driving, Wisconsin police officers have been writing more speeding tickets. Officials believe the strategy is being effective because there has been an increase of citations given to those who are traveling over the speed limit. Wisconsin law enforcement hopes that the increase of speeding tickets given will help to discourage people from engaging in the extremely dangerous practice of aggressive driving.

Speeding is an incredibly dangerous activity. Speed is a factor in many automobile accidents. Driving over the speed limit can cause the driver to need extra time to adjust to curves or unexpected objects in the roadway, as well as extending the distance needed for a vehicle to come to a stop.

The posted speed limits are there for a reason. They are there to help keep drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike safe. By not abiding to the posted speed limit, a driver puts not only his or herself at risk, but others as well. Driving over the speed limit is not worth putting yourself or others at risk.

What do you think about Wisconsin law enforcement’s strategy to reduce aggressive driving?

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