Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck by Vehicles

On February 6th around 6:00 in the morning in Germantown, a pedestrian was hit by three vehicles while she was walking on the side of the road. The pedestrian was walking on County Line Road at the time of the accident.

The pedestrian was walking westbound by the westbound lanes of traffic when the accident ocurred. She had just completed her shift at work, and she was walking to the bus stop so that she could travel to her house.

She was hit by a vehicle traveling in the westbound lane, and the impact of the collision caused her to land in the eastbound lanes of traffic. While she was laying in the eastbound lanes, two additional vehicles hit her.

When officers arrived on the scene, they tried to resuscitate the pedestrian. Very sadly, they were unable to do so.

After the collision, the driver of the vehicle that hit her first pulled over because he knew he had hit something. The driver remained on the scene, and waited for the authorities to arrive. The second and third vehicles hit the pedestrian while she was on the ground in the eastbound lanes. The driver of the second vehicle was located, and provided information about what happened. The driver of the third vehicle has not been located, and police are unsure if the driver realized that they had hit anything, but they would like to talk to the driver.

Police believe that the location of the accident and the darkness contributed to the accident. According to law enforcement officials, the victim of the accident was wearing dark clothing and the street was not lit well.

It is very important as both a driver and a pedestrian to pay close attention to your surroundings. By paying attention to what is around you and not engaging in activities that contribute to distracted driving, you can help to keep yourself and others safe.

How can we keep pedestrians safe?

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