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Two Men Were Trapped in Vehicle After Avalanche

Sometimes completely unexpected things occur while driving in a vehicle. There is a wide variety of unexpected things that can happen to the occupants of a vehicle and sometimes the unexpected incidents that occur are both scary and dangerous. A scary and unexpected incident happened while two men were driving in Tahoe City, California.

The men were driving on a road by the mountains in the Sierra. The men felt the wind pick up around the vehicle, and their vehicle became covered in snow. The men realized that they had been covered in an avalanche.

Their vehicle was covered with over six feet of snow, and they could not see anything out of the windows of the vehicle. Rather than panicking, the men remained calm and called 911.

While the men waited for authorities to arrive to help, the men used a blanket to keep warm and stayed positive. The men were trapped for around 30 minutes before authorities completed their rescue.

The men’s knowledge of how to handle the situation and staying calm along with the emergency supplies they had in their vehicle, helped to keep the men safe.

Having an emergency kit in your car can greatly help to keep you safe in a dangerous situation. Having items such as food, water, blankets and flashlights is a good idea to have in your vehicle at all times.

Do you have an emergency kit in your vehicle? If so, what items do you have it in?

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