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Police Officer Saves Woman from Burning Vehicle

A scary event occurred recently when a woman from Washington became trapped in her car as it was engulfed in flames.

The woman was driving when she drove over a patch of ice, and her car shut off. Because the car shut down, she did not have the ability to get the doors of her vehicle to unlock. If this was not frightening enough, the woman’s car then caught fire.

The woman called 911 for help because she was unable to flee her burning vehicle. An officer from the Spokane Police Department responsed to the call and rushed to the scene of the burning vehicle.

Body cam footage from the officer caught the scene on video. In the video the police officer can be seen smashing the car window with his baton to help free the woman from the burning vehicle. Even after the window was shattered, the car door still would not unlock.

A neighbor came to assist the officer, and the two of them were able to pull the woman from the vehicle through the broken window as smoke was rapidly filling the interiror of the car. After the woman was freed from the car, both she and the police officer went to the hospital for treatment. Both the woman and the police officer have since been released from the hospital and are doing well.

Thanks to the police officer and neighbors quick thinking and responses to the burning vehicle, everyone involved is safe.

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