Vehicles Fall Through Ice in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for having cold winters usually filled with snow and ice. Because of the winter weather in Wisconsin, winter activities such as sledding, ice skating and ice fishing are popular.

With ice fishing it is not uncommon for fishers to take their vehicle out on the ice. This can be a dangerous activity because if the ice is not thick enough, the ice fishers take on the risk of having their vehicle go through the ice.

On Sunday, January 15th law enforcement officals responded to two separate calls of vehicles going through the ice on two different lakes within the county.

The first call was received around 5:45 pm when a vehicle broke through the ice on lake Sinissippi. The driver and the passenger of the vehicle were able to get out of the vehicle and made it to shore. A family that lives closeby allowed the vehicle’s occupants to wait in their home while they waited for law enforcement and help to arrive.

The second call was received around 9:00 pm when a pickup truck went through the ice on Fox Lake after the driver had been ice fishing on the lake all day. The driver and his dog were able to flee the truck and make it to shore.

Whether driving or walking out onto the ice it is important to know whether the ice is thick enough to support you and possibly your vehicle. By making sure that the conditions are safe to be on the ice, can help to protect not only yourself, but your property as well.

What do you think about driving on the ice?

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