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Wrong-Way Driver Stopped by Police

On Wednesday, January 11th Police in Germantown, Wisconsin were alerted to a wrong-way driver on the roadway. The incident was scary for both law enforcement officals and other drivers on the roadway.

The incident occurred around 4:20 pm when the Germantown police began receiving calls about a vehicle drifting into other lanes, running red lights and even driving into a ditch.

The Germantown Police responded to the calls and began pursuing the vehicle. The squad cars followed the vehicle as it made its way down Mequon Road. The officers tried using sirens, emergency lights and verbal commands to stop the driver to no avail. The vehicle continued to travel on Mequon Road on the wrong side of the road. The police officers directed traffic so as to avoid an accident.

Traffic on Mequon Road began to get heavy as rush hour started. One officer decided that to stop the wrong-way driver by pulling his car in front of the vehicle and stopping.

The driver collided with the squad car, but the driver was stopped. After the collision, it was discovered that the driver was suffering from a medical condition and was transported to the hospital.

Thankfully, there were no injuries or accidents from the wrong-way driving incident. The police officers, the driver of the vehicle and other drivers were all unharmed after the incident.

Have you ever experienced an incident similar to this?

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