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Llama Found on Georgia Highway

Sometimes you see things that are completely unexpected when you are traveling. On January 5, 2016, people in Athens, Georgia were very surprised with what they saw on the roadway.

While traveling on a highway, motorists were shocked to see a llama. The llama was meandering throughout the busy roadway in Athens, Georgia. The llama was wandering everywhere from the median to the roadway itself.

The police came to capture the llama, and the llama did not seem both bothered by the flashing lights that were pursuing it. The police were able to catch the llama by a fast food restaurant. The llama was captured safely without injury, and there were no accidents caused by the rogue llama.

The llama is owned by a resident of the area. When the owner came to retrieve the llama, the llama got into its owner’s van right away.

It is very important to pay close attention to your surroundings when you are driving because uneexpected events can occur. Because of the careful driving by the motorists in this situation, everyone was safe, the occupants of the vehicles and the llama alike.

Have you seen any unusual animals on the road?

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