New Wrong Way Driver Detection Devices Installed in Milwaukee Area

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, and puts not only those operating the vehicle at risk, but also passengers in the vehicle, pedestrians and people in other vehicles at risk at well. One thing that sometimes happens when people drink and drive is that they drive on the wrong side of the road. The Milwaukee area is installing a new system to help prevent wrong-way drivers.

New technology is being installed in various parts of the Milwaukee area. The devices are intended to detect drivers that are traveling in the wrong direction down the roadways. The devices are quite small, so drivers will be unlikely to realize they are there when they go past them. The system uses radar to detect when a vehicle is traveling the wrong way.

WisDOT has installed 12 more of these devices over the past several months. The total number of these devices in the Milwaukee area is now at 20.

When the devices detect a wrong-way driver, an alert is sent to the Statewide Traffic Operations Center. The Statewide Traffic Operations Center is then able to view the camera stream in real time and link to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials in Milwaukee County hope that these devices will help to eliminate wrong-way driving, thus making the roads safer for everyone.

Do you think the devices will help to stop wrong-way driving?

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