Bear Found on Roadway in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for being home to woodland creatures. From deer to bears, Wisconsin has a plethora of woodland creatures residing in its borders. Most of the time the woodland creatures tend to stay in the woods.

This was not the case recently in Northern Wisconsin. Traffic cameras picked up an unusual sighting on their cameras – a black bear on the roadway. The bear was wandering on State Road 17 by Gleason, Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin state trooper responded to the area where the bear had been spotted. The state trooper found the bear standing on its back legs so that it could look into the vehicles passing by.

Officials moved to the bear to a rehabilitation facility so that its health could be evaluated and it could have a place to hibernate until the winter is over. The bear is estimated to be around two years old and it weighs around 90 pounds. Before the bear is released to the woods in the spring, it will undergo another medical evaluation to ensure that it is healthy.

It is always important to pay close attention while driving. It is especially important to pay close attention while you are driving in areas where woodland creatures live. This can help to prevent a collision with an animal.

Have you seen any interesting animals on the roadways?

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