Food Processor Recall

People tend to have a lot of gadgets to use in their kitchen. They have everything from electric can openers to air fryers. One common kitchen gadget is a food processor.

The company, Cuisinart, has issued a recall for over 8 million food processors. The recall comes after the company received 69 reports from consumers about the product breaking.

The part of the food processors that is breaking is the part of the blade that is used to mix and process the food. Over time, the blade may crack and fall off. This is very problematic because the blade can fall off into the food. If someone were to unknowingly eat the food with part of the blade in it, it could cause serious injury to the person.

Of the 69 reports of the food processors breaking that Cuisinart has received, 30 of those reports were from people who have sustained injury from the breakage. These consumers have reported cuts in their mouths and broken teeth.

The food processors that are being recalled were manufactored in China from 1996 through 2015. The blades on the recalled food processors have four rivets.

If you own one of the recalled food processors you should stop using the device immediately. Consumers are encouraged to contact Cuisinart so that they can obtain a replacement food processor.

Do you own one of the recalled food processors? What do you think about this recall?

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