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Vehicle Catches Fire After Accident

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday party season is in full swing. Alcohol is served at many of these parties. If you plan to have some alocholic beverages at a holiday party, it is important to plan ahead by either having a designated driver or a plan to take a taxi take you home after the party. This will help to not only keep you safe, but it will help to keep others safe as well.

On early Sunday morning, November 27th, a woman left a party to go home. While she was driving home, she became lost. She was trying to head to her house in Racine, Wisconsin. She was driving on County Highway NN in Washington County. When she reached Jackson Drive, her vehicle struck the roundabout.

The collision with the roundabout caused the oil pan of the vehicle to be torn off because of the high speed the vehicle was traveling. Because of the loss of the oil pan, the car caught on fire. When the police and firefighters arrived to the scene of the collision, the vehicle was completely immersed in flames.

The woman was arrested for an OWI at the scene of the accident. She was also cited for operating without insurance and a suspened license.

How can we get people to stop drinking and driving?

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