Man Arrested at McDonald’s for OWI

The McDonald’s drive thru is often a popular place late at night for those traveling and wanting a snack or meal. This is because many McDonald’s drive thrus are open 24 hours a day.

On November 17, 2016 a man from Sheboygan, Wisconsin deciced to stop at McDonald’s for some food. However, this was not an ordinary drive thru run. The Sheboygan wanted ordered his food, and then proceeded to fall asleep in the drive thru lane.

The McDonald’s workers called the police because the Sheboygan man was incoherent. When the police officers arrived on the scene they discovered that the man had an empty six pack of beer in his vehicle, an open can of beer and an empty bottle of brandy.

The police asked the Sheboygan man if he had been drinking, to which he responded that he had consumed a couple of beers. The man was administered a breathalyzer test, and it was reported that he blew a .19, over twice the legal limit. The man was arrested for an OWI. It was also discovered that the Sheboygan man had had his driver’s license privileges revoked.

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, and should never be done. It is important to plan ahead if you intend to drink, so that you will not have to drive home. Some good options if you wanted to drink at bar or some other location where you will need to travel to return to your home are having a designated driver or taking a taxi or an Uber.

By ensuring that you do not drink and drive, you can not only help to keep yourself safe, but also help to keep other people safe.

What would you have done if you were a worker at McDonald’s?

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