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A Snapchat Leads to Collision with a Police Vehicle

When people think of dangerous cellphone use to participate in while driving, the first thing they likely think of is texting and driving. While texting and driving is very dangerous, so is all other cellphone use while driving. This is because using your cellphone while driving diverts your attention from the road and your surroundings, making it much more likely that you may be involved in a car accident. One of these distracting cellphone activities that people engage in while driving is Snapchat.

On October 26, 2016, a college student from Texas was snapchatting while driving. The college student crashed her car into a police car. When the police asked her what happened, she informed them that she had been taking a selfie on Snapchat, which she planned to send to her boyfriend.

The usage of her cellphone while driving contributed to her being involved in an accident. Cellphones are distracting and can make you miss seeing important things while on the roadway, making it more likely that you will be involved in a car accident possibly injuring yourself and others.

To keep the roadways safter not only for yourself, but for other drivers as well, put away your cellphones. No text or snapchat is worth your life or the life of someone else. In situations where it is necessary to use your cellphone when driving, pull over to a safe location before doing so.

If we all work together to stop using our cellphones while driving, the rodways will be safer for everyone.

How can we get people to stop using their cellphones when driving?

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