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Texting and Driving Causes Fatality

On Friday, October 21 there was an accident on Highway 35 close to River Falls, Wisconsin that involved cellphone use. The police believe the driver of one of the vehicles had both hands on her cellphone and did not have them on the steering wheel of car. This lead the driver to lose control of her vehicle.

After the driver lost control of her vehicle, she began to veer into the other lane. There was another car in the lane where the car began to veer. To avoid a collision, the car in the other lane performed an evasive action. The evasive action caused the vehicle to roll. The driver of the vehicle died at the scene of the accident.

Texting and driving is a very dangerous activity and should be avoided. There are many reasons why using your cellphone while behind the wheel should never be done. A few reasons why this activity should be avoided are:

  • Texting and driving is illegal in Wisconsin
  • When you text and drive, you put yourself and your passengers at risk
  • When you text and drive, you put other drivers and pedestrians at risk
  • Texting and driving reduces your reaction time
  • Texting and driving makes you much more likely to be involved in a car accident

No text message is worth putting your own life or the lives of other people at risk. If it is absolutely necessary that you use your cellphone while traveling, you should find a safe place to park before engaging in cellphone use. By doing this you can help to keep the roadways safer for everyone.

How can we get people to put their phones away when they are behind the wheel?

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