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Insect Causes Car Crash

On the morning of Friday, October 21st there was a car accident in Washington County. The accident occurred near Highway 175 and Crooked Road. The Sherriff’s office, who is currently investigating the accident, believes that a bug played a large role.

The driver of the vehicle was traveling on Highway 175, when she noticed an insect on her leg. The sight of the bug caused the driver to panic. Because of the panic, the driver lost control of her vehicle. This caused her vehicle to go off the road and crash into an arrow sign, a We Energies box and an electric pole. The collision caused the electric pole to be spilt in half.

While bugs can be scary, you need to remain calm if you encounter an insect in your car while driving. Staying calm in this sometimes frightening situation can help to keep not only yourself safe, but others safe as well. Staying calm can help to prevent an accident.

If you find a bug in your car the first thing you should do is remain calm. If possible pull over in a safe area to do so and remove the insect from your vehicle. After you remove the bug from your car, you can return to your travels.

Have you had an experience with a bug in your vehicle? Do you have any tips for remaining calm when you find a bug in your car?

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