August Was One of Safest Months on Wisconsin’s Roadways in History

September 19 , 2016 | Car Accidents

The month of August 2016 was a month of safe driving in Wisconsin. August 2016 saw the fewest amount of driving fatalities in Wisconsin since World War II.

In August 2016, there were 50 fatalties involving motor vehicles. This is the least amount of traffic deaths since World War II. In August 2015, there were 64 traffic fatalities. Traffic fatalities in August 2016 were lower than the national average for the month of August by 15 according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Even though August 2016 saw fewer traffic deaths than previous years, the amount of traffic deaths in 2016 have increased by 9% when compared with last year. As of the end of August, 387 people have died in car accidents on Wisconsin roadways. In comparison with last year, 33 more peole have died from motor vehicle accidents this year.

What can we do to lower the amount of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities?